Last summer, over 400 of you responded to our online community survey, allowing us a unique opportunity to get to know you a little better. How much better?  Well, here are a few surprising discoveries we made:

Some ‘hoods are leather ‘hoods.  While a bare majority of our respondents live within a mile or two of our street fair location, lower Manhattan by no means has the market cornered on kink.  If you’re looking for a certain sort of “special friend”, fire up your phone app above 110th Street, in Astoria, or in Jersey City — the next three biggest concentrations of kinksters in the metro area.

Poke me hard.  Sure, you’re all over the bars, parties, apps and adult profile sites, too, but a plurality of you report meeting your new kinky friends on Facebook, of all places.

Friends before benefits.  So many of you handsome, horny devils descend on Chelsea each June, you’d think the urge to bump and grind would trump any other reason to be there.  But most of you report that your connection to the kink community and to your friends tops hot men and hookups when it comes to why you attend the fair.  Aww, we love you, too!  Big hugs!

You’ve got a huge heart-on.  One in three of you regularly donates time or money to charitable causes, many of them nonprofit organizations serving our community right here in NYC.  And that’s not even counting your support of Folsom Street East’s beneficiaries!  Your responses inspired us to look at an even broader array of groups where we can potentially lend our support.

Wanna geek out with more sexy facts?  Check out the summary of our survey findings on Slideshare.