Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is a longtime member of New York’s leather/fetish/kink community.  He joined the Folsom Street East board in November 2013 as an at-large member; since then, he’s enthusiastically thrown himself into the work of making the 2014 street fair happen.  Here’s a little more about Dave in his own words.

How long have you been involved with FSE events? I first started attending Folsom Street East in 2003, the first year that I moved to NYC. That first year, I didn’t own any leather or rubber, so I showed up to the fair in a pink button down shirt… but I was lucky enough to meet some people who were willing to overlook my wardrobe. Let’s just say the following year I was sporting a bit more gear. That’s one of the things I love about FSE; it’s a welcoming environment for newcomers to the scene and it’s possible to meet people there who will help you along, whether you’re interested in BDSM play or lifestyle Dom/sub relationships or just like wearing a jockstrap and drinking a beer in the sunshine.

How long have you been involved with the FSE board? I worked on the Street Fair organizing committee briefly in 2005 and 2006, but was only elected to the FSE board in November 2013. I’m excited to be part of a team bringing NYC’s kinky community onto the streets.

What first drew you to FSE? I really, really like men in big black boots who look like refugees from a Tom of Finland coffee table book. And bears drinking beers in jockstraps under the clear blue sky. I was also lucky enough to know and be mentored by Folsom Street East’s founder John Weis, from whom I learned a lot about the value of making things that you want to happen happen.

What keeps you motivated and involved? I moved to New York many years ago because I wanted to live in a city that was cosmopolitan and weird, that had underground culture that throbbed with fun dark sexy energy, a city where people could self-define and where that self-definition was culturally supported, a city that changed and mutated and that celebrated rebellion. And I think that Folsom Street East is a particularly important institution in the tradition of NYC’s willful and bad-ass and constructive weirdness. Also: it is a fun party and I like fun parties and want them to continue to happen in NYC for generations to come.

What do you with the rest of your time? I am the VP of Marketing & PR at Nasty Pig. Additionally I am a deep house and techno DJ – I’ve recently played parties in NYC, Vancouver BC, Philadelphia and Atlanta. When I’m not emailing people trying to get stuff to happen, I also enjoy reading, arguing about politics, becoming engrossed in premium televised dramas, and Perfect Manhattans.

Interested in volunteering or vending at this year’s street fair?  Send mail to Dave.