Think volunteering isn’t sexy?  Think again!  Folsom Street East offers five — yes, five! — ways to live out your hottest volunteer fantasies on our biggest day of the year.  With so many options you’re bound to find just the right fit. Check ’em out below and sign up for your favorite here!


SEXY MAID/BUTLER (Street Sweep): Are you obsessed with New York’s filthy streets?  Here’s your chance to give at least one block the cleaning it deserves!  Bonus reward for arriving early is coffee and donuts.  (Did we mention that the donuts will also be EXTRA SEXY?!)


SEXY SECURITY GUARD (Street Guard): Maintain law and order on our clean, mean street  — make sure only authorized kinksters are onsite and direct traffic as needed (white gloves optional).  By the way, this guy is an actual subway security officer … in Brazil.  Hey, even New York doesn’t have everything.


SEXY, UM, FURNITURE INSTALLER (Setup):  Are you the friend everyone calls when they need to wield an Allen wrench?  You’ll be a natural at setting up tables, unfolding chairs, and unfurling banners.  Remember, only you can facilitate hot tabletop scenes!


SEXY P.A. (Event Staff): No, not *that* kind of P.A., but trust we won’t complain if you have one.  Meet and greet glamorous people! Keep those adoring throngs in check! Dart from task to task at the snap of a marginally more powerful person’s fingers!  (We’re much nicer than Anna Wintour, we promise.)


SEXY DEMO GUY/GAL (Tear Down): Unleash your desire to disassemble on tables and chairs.  You won’t be armed, but with the muscle you’re packing, who needs a piece?


SEXY BONUS: SEXY CREW T-SHIRT:  Yours FREE if you pitch in.  These are actual volunteers wearing actual crew shirts.  We know what you’re thinking: pretty hot, huh?  You’d like to get to know them better, maybe?  So sign up already!  See you at the fair!