In the weeks leading up to the street fair, we’re taking some time to introduce you to this year’s beneficiaries and share some information about the good work that you’re supporting.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is an advocacy organization fighting for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior. NCSF’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program will offer “BDSM and the Law” education for attorneys in a format sanctioned by individual US state bar associations.  Through this program, NCSF will reach the legal professionals that directly interact with BDSM, fetish and kink communities.

This is essential, since at present appellate criminal cases routinely do not take questions of consent into account when kink is involved.  This means that BDSM practitioners may be considered legally liable for “assaulting” a consenting partner in a sexual or fantasy scenario.  In cases in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom, local authorities have prosecuted consenting kinky people on these dubious grounds.

NCSF’s initial CLE will be launched later in 2014 with donor support, with an ultimate goal of making the program self-sustaining through charging attorneys for attendance to on-demand educational programs approved by state bar associations.

Check out the overview of NCSF’s proposed CLE curriculum, as well as their Consent Counts program, of which the CLE is one initiative.

You can also become a member of NCSF and support the full range of professional and community programs they offer.