With this year’s street fair just around the corner, we wanted to share some numbers from past years to let you know exactly how big a difference your contributions have made.  Yes, it’s our first-ever annual report!

For those of you who would rather be tied down and whipped than do math, here’s the important stuff:

In the past four years, Folsom Street East has donated over $75,000 to our beneficiaries.  That may sound like chump change in a city where people will happily part with five bucks for a Cronut, but it makes a huge bottom-line difference to the organizations we work with.

One third of our revenue goes directly back to the community.  Every $10 donation you’ve given at past street fairs has put roughly $3.40 in the hands of our beneficiaries.  That latte you skipped to spend an afternoon shirtless in the sun is funding crisis hotline counselors for domestic violence survivors, continuing education for legal and medical professionals, insurance enrollment and physician referrals for people with HIV, and stable housing for some of our most vulnerable fellow New Yorkers.  Totally worth it, right?

You did it.  Yeah, you.  Sure, we create opportunities to give, but every single one of those 75,000 simoleons came from you. Not a government grant. Not some corporate sponsor.  Just a bunch of big-hearted deviants helping out a friend, a neighbor, or a stranger in need.  That’s pretty awesome.




If you really want to go deeper (ahem), check out our profile on GuideStar, which shows IRS statements for past years.