In following the tradition started last year, we are pleased to share with you all our Annual Report from 2014!

A few changes to note this year, for those of you who perused last year’s document.

We’re exceptionally proud to announce that we have now donated more than $90,000 to our beneficiaries in the past five years. This money goes right back to services that directly benefit New York City’s queer populations and make our communities stronger and safer places to be ourselves.

Shortened event hours in 2014, however, led to a decrease in donations from the street festival last year. As a result, we saw the percent of our revenue as donations also decrease. This past year, $2.50 of your $10 event entry went directly to one of our beneficiaries.

Most importantly, however, is that we couldn’t have done any of this without the overwhelming support from our peers. Together, we’re working to increase visibility and promote pride in fetish, kink, and queer communities, and we can’t wait to see what the future with all of you holds!

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