2014-11-16 12.14.48

Late last year, we set out to better and more clearly define who we are as an organization and how we want to shape the world around us. At our first annual board retreat, we spent hours discussing how we envision the futures of our communities, challenging one another on how we can best communicate that vision, and filling some giant Post-Its with our ideas (seen above). But we didn’t stop there! Our work on a revised mission statement went on until just this past month, not content to quit until we settled on two, succinct sentences that resonated with all members of the board. We hope that it will do the same with our beneficiaries, our communities, and the city we’re actively working to make a better place. With that, we give you Folsom Street East’s revised mission statement:

Folsom Street East celebrates and inspires participation and pride in fetish, kink, and LGBTQ communities through the creation of safe spaces for public expression of our sexual identities. Folsom Street East promotes and provides grants to other nonprofit organizations serving these communities.

*Not actually negotiable