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New York

The 19th Annual Folsom Street East Street Fair
will take place on  Sunday, June 19th, 2016

From 11 AM – 6 PM

This year, admission costs a
$20 suggested donation.

Folsom Street East:
$20 and still a
cheap thrill.

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Folsom Street East 2016
is presented by
The FSE Beer Garden
is presented by
The Eagle NYC

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Folsom Street East salutes the people who make life a little more special, and a little more strange – just by having the courage to be themselves.

This is New York Fuckin’ City
– send us your freaks.

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In 2016, there’s been a lot of
talk about New York Values.

Here’s what we value:

Individuality. Respect.
Tradition. Rebellion.
Difference. Community.
Pain, and Pleasure.

Folsom Street East is for the
people who swagger up the Avenue
in chaps and not much else.

It’s for the queens who ride the subway in face.
It’s for the men who aren’t too polite to cruise.
It’s for puppies on their knees,
rubber tails wagging;
for leather women with
electrical tape X’s on their tits;
for Masters and slaves and boys and switches;
for queers of all kinds.
And it’s for every member of the
fetish/kink community, including newbies.

We were all newbies once.

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Every June in New York City, we gather to celebrate each other. We cruise and play and laugh.

Join us.

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