You – yes, you! – have a secret superpower. Okay, sure, you’re not a mutant, or an extraterrestrial, or a charismatic billionaire, or a demigoddess … probably. But you’re a New Yorker! You leap tall buildings with the single press of a button! You hail cabs on Friday night in the rain! And you look fabulous doing it! Pizza Rat has nothing on you.



Now you have a chance to use your powers for something besides blocking people from cutting in line or figuring out how to use the subway on the weekend: Folsom Street East can happen only with the help of superheroes like you. All you need to do is select your superpower from the list below and sign up here!



SUPERPOWER: Super Street Sweep
SUPER STRENGTHS: Early Riser, Dirt Repeller
It’s time to take out the trash and take back our block! Let coffee and donuts fuel your compulsion to clean!



SUPERPOWER: Super Street Guard
SUPER STRENGTHS: Gentle Enforcer, Stalwart Protector
Police the perimeter, direct traffic, and mete out justice with a gloved hand. Mmm, gloves. Wait, what were we saying?



SUPER STRENGTHS: Unloader, Unfolder, Unfurler
Tables, chairs, and banners rise and assemble at your command! And that’s not the only thing that’s rising, you sexy beast, you!



SUPERPOWER: Super Event Staff
SUPER STRENGTHS: Meeter, Greeter, Multitasker
Turn on your irresistible charm beam and make sure our guests are cared for and happy! Let a thousand hearts melt under the withering heat of your smile!



SUPERPOWER: Super Teardown
SUPER STRENGTHS: Disassembler, Restorer
Bend the mysterious forces of the universe to turn back time and return our block to the way it was before all the fun began!


secret identity

But I don’t have a costume! you say. Worry not – we have you covered (well, at least your top half) with a FREE SUPERHERO CREW T-SHIRT. Fits comfortably and conveniently under unassuming business attire.



So be our hero, use your powers for good, and assemble to form Folsom Street East! Your secret identity is safe with us.