About Folsom Street East

Mission Statement

Folsom Street East, Inc. celebrates and inspires participation and pride in fetish, kink, and LGBTQ communities through the creation of safe spaces for public expression of our sexual identities. Folsom Street East promotes and provides grants to other nonprofit organizations serving these communities.

Vision Statement

  • We envision a world where sexual self-discovery and fulfillment is supported by an environment that is safe, sane, and affirming.
  • We envision a world where access to a diversity of fetish/kink community spaces is expanded and fear of stigma and negative repercussions are diminished.
  • We envision a world where all people are empowered to challenge sexual norms and embrace and add to a broad spectrum of sexual identities and expressions.


2016 New York City Anti-Violence Project Community Hero Award

Our Archive

The history of Folsom Street East, Inc. is collected by The LGBT Community Center National History Archive located at The LGBT Community Center in New York City.  Please contact the Archive directly for research purposes.

Annual Reports

Fiscal Year 2016
Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year 2014
Fiscal Year 2013

Please note all reports are available through the Archive.  We are working toward their availability on our website.  Thank you for your patience.