Festival Code of Conduct

The Folsom Street East Street Festival is about freedom and fun, but to keep the fun rolling, we need to ask our vendors, entertainers, volunteers and attendees to follow a few basic ground rules:

  • All participants at the Folsom Street East Street Festival will be respectful of fellow participants, staff vendors, exhibitors, volunteers, performers, and others at all times.

  • All participants will abide by the laws of New York City, including the following:

    • No public sexual activity
    • No complete public nudity
    • No exposure of genitals
  • Alcohol is restricted to designated areas only, to be consumed by adults (21+).

  • Adequate space must be cleared and prior consent must be given by all participants in any demo or “scene.”

  • Even with consent, no demo or “scene” involving blood or other bodily fluids will be permitted.

  • Set your limits – and respect those of others – have fun, and enjoy the day!