The Folsom Street East Street Festival is about freedom and fun, but to keep the fun rolling, we need to ask our vendors, entertainers, volunteers and attendees to follow a few basic ground rules:

  • All participants at the Folsom Street East Street Festival will be respectful of fellow participants, staff vendors, exhibitors, volunteers, performers, and others at all times.

  • All participants will abide by the laws of New York City, including the following:

    • No public sexual activity
    • No complete public nudity
    • No exposure of genitals
  • Alcohol is restricted to designated areas only, to be consumed by adults (21+).

  • Adequate space must be cleared and prior consent must be given by all participants in any demo or “scene.”

  • Even with consent, no demo or “scene” involving blood or other bodily fluids will be permitted.

  • Set your limits – and respect those of others – have fun, and enjoy the day!